Which biscuit is the best ‘dunker’?!

If, like me, you wake up at night crying out for the answer to the question above, then worry no longer. At Tranmere, we care about the quality of everyone’s sleep so have set out to solve the conundrum once and for all. UKS2 have spent the day testing which biscuit (a custard cream, chocolate digestive, malted milk, bourbon or rich tea) truly is the best dunker. The results…were….inconclusive…. with one group, a rich tea survived 1,178 dunks! In another, it managed <100. This (at least) promoted great conversations about controlled test conditions.

The focus of the session, aside from answering a question that plagues the nation, was how to undertake a fair test. The children learnt about only changing one variable and deciding upon their dependent variable before beginning the investigation. Furthermore, they agreed that we would have to cement our results by testing each biscuit 3 times and finding an average score.