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Routines in Doves Adults in Doves
PE Outdoor — Tuesday (Please arrive in PE kit)
Mr Learmonth
PE Indoor – Friday (Please arrive in PE kit)
Mrs Tate
Spellings — Friday
Mrs Stevens
Times Tables – Monday

Welcome to Doves.

Mr Learmonth and Mrs Tate would like to welcome you all back to Year 6 and say how much we have enjoyed our first two weeks getting to know you all and helping you settle back into school after such a long break.  We have both been extremely impressed with the attitude and behaviour demonstrated so far by each and every one of you – you really have made a fantastic start to the year; long may it continue. We have started to return to the “hard work” you are used to at Tranmere Park and feel confident that we are going to have a great year.
It is obviously a little harder to have the face to face contact with parents at the moment, but if any of you do need to speak to us please just either email or ring school or get in touch with us via Google Classroom and one of us will aim to get back to you as soon as we can.
Here’s to a fantastic and disruption-free Year 6


In years 5 and 6, the children will be encouraged to work with growing independence. To support this, your child will be taking responsibility for their own organisation. Each child has been given a planner (Y6 planners are provided by Guiseley school to support children to be secondary ready when they leave us). Planners will be checked on a Friday morning and should have been seen and signed by an adult for the previous week. If there are any other messages that need to be read by the teacher on a day other than Friday, please ensure that your child brings these to your attention.

Reading Books

Each week, your child will be expected to read twice a week with an adult at home, who will need to sign and date the reading record in their planner every time they hear them read. Your child can choose a book from home or an appropriate free choice book from school. Even though many children in years 5 and 6 are quite fluent readers, it is important that an adult hears them read and asks questions about what they have read in order to aid their comprehension and to improve their writing skills.

Books can be changed on any day in the classroom and returned books will be quarantined by staff before being put back on the shelf.


Your child will receive their homework every Monday on Google Classroom and should upload it by the following Monday. This will consist of weekly tasks in both Maths and English. We politely request that parents mark the work with their child so that any misconceptions can be addressed—answers for the regular sheets are provided. We only expect children to spend 20 minutes on each piece of homework, if they are struggling please just write a note to the teacher explaining this – don’t struggle on! A topic homework grid and will also be available on Google Classroom and the school website by the end of the first week of a new topic. It is expected that your child will complete at least two of the activities from the grid and upload them. There are a range of fun and exciting options to choose from so please feel free to be creative!

The homework will alternate between the maths skills test and the Grammar Hammer. We test the children on the previous week’s homework at the start of the new week. The aim of setting the blank sheet first and testing it second is to encourage the children to learn the method for each question—not just memorise the answers.

Spellings will be tested each week on Fridays and the new list will be posted on Google Classroom following the weekly test. A spelling book will not be sent home this year (based on current guidance).

This Half-Term’s Topic Homework and Knowledge Organiser – Click the title for more.

UKS2 Knowledge Organisers and Homework Grid

They See The World Like This Homework grid Knowledge Organiser – They see the world like this 2022 Summer 1 Knowledge Organiser – MATHS Y6 (SATS) Summer 1 Knowledge Organiser – MATHS Y5  

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Latest class news – Click the title for more.

Lessons auf Deutsch

The year 6s in Doves and Kingfishers welcomed Herr Ratcliffe from Guiseley School today and participated in a high school German lesson as part of our transition programme. They were introduced to some new vocab and learnt how to ask simple questions, colours and numbers – a fun filled interactive lesson that they all lapped …

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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

This summer, Queen Elizabeth II has her platinum jubilee – the longest reign of any British monarch! In the 70 years that she has been queen, the world has changed in many ways. Each year group at Tranmere Park have researched a decade and created a collage. These collages, collected as one, tell a story …

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Doves make a splash in science…

The focus at the moment in science for Doves is forces and on Thursday that entailed conducting an experiment into water resistance. The challenge was to test the impact three different shapes moulded out of blue tack made on the time to travel from the top to the bottom of a container full of water. …

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World Maths Day – Doves

To celebrate World Maths Day, we spent some time tackling Algebra problems – quite a shock for some!! As a new concept, the children really tried to grasp the idea of balancing equations – definitely a few headaches by the end ( especially the adults). They have all come home with a QR code in …

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Exit Point – Eden Camp

We have all had an excellent day exploring Eden Camp and learning even more about World War Two. It was a great opportunity to consolidate our knowledge and lovely to see the children so enthusiastic and knowledgeable – well worth the coach trip! It was also brilliant to be out on a school trip after …

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LGBT History Month

We started off with a lively discussion about LGBT rights and we were really impressed with how informed the children were and how maturely they discussed all the issues. As the focus of this year’s LGBT History month is Art, we watched a short film about the pioneering artist Doris Hatt and learnt about how …

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Mental Health Week – Doves

During the week, we have held some interesting discussions and watched an informative online assembly on how to improve our own mental health and how to seek advice if we need it. We talked about setting some personal goals , linked to developing our self worth rather academic goals. The children designed their own stars …

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Safer Internet Day – Doves

Doves spent an interesting session working through a set of discussion questions related to staying safe on the internet. It was pleasing to see that they were all able to articulate how they should keep themselves safe and also what action to take if they ever felt uncomfortable online. In the process, we also learnt …

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KS2 – World Trading Activity

Doves discovered all about trading during an activity that saw them creating and selling products, as well as negotiating for raw materials. The class was split into teams and each team faced unique challenges as they attempted to buy and sell. A number of different real-world scenarios ensured the trading world changed at different times …

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KS2 Music – Song writing musical workshop

Doves and Kingfishers showcased their musical skills on Friday as Music Nuggets Live came into school to deliver an engaging workshop. The children took part in a host of different activities throughout the day, including playing a wide range of instruments, learning South American songs, singing and expression through movement. They then tried their hand …

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Doves Entry Point – Time Capsules

We enjoyed a couple of interesting sessions sharing our Time Capsules from 2021 and then looking at one from a child from 1941. It was great to see a variety of historical items as well as those which gave us an insight into different personalities – a love of animals was high on the list! …

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KS2 – Dissection show and tell

Doves and Kingfishers were treated to a unique Science lesson this week as part of our learning about the circulatory system. Dr Bowman kindly visited the school to share her expertise, performing a dissection of a heart and lungs. The session included an in-depth exploration and discussion of the key functions of the organs in …

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Doves are biologists

Having been chemists during our lesson yesterday, today we became biologists who created an accurate representation of blood. Using Hama beads, chocolate sprinkles, water and custard, we studied the distributions and function of plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in the human body.

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We are chemists…

This afternoon, the Doves have been investigating the recipe for fake blood. You can create this using simple household items: golden syrup, flour, water, red and blue food colouring. Each group chose which variable they would investigate and were then given the exact measurements of the other 4 ingredients. Their job was to test and …

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Doves Maya Temple Building

We have had a great time putting our mathematical skills to the test to create scaled models of maya temples studied in our Topic lessons. Not only did the children have to use exact measurements, they were also given the opportunity to practise their sawing skills – no fingers were lost in the process! Once …

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Doves Science – Circulatory System

Doves had a fun afternoon creating their own working model of the circulatory system out on the playground. They practised collecting oxygen and travelling around the system themselves – hopefully learning along the way about how our bodies work.

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Doves – Bullying Workshop

This afternoon we took part in a really interesting and useful workshop exploring bullying in all its forms. We used drama and improvisation to show the different forms that bullying can take: cyber bullying/ physical and verbal bullying. We discussed how bullying can occur anywhere and how we all have an important role to play …

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An investigation into heart rate

This morning, the Doves have been working scientifically. They were already aware that exercise causes your heart rate to increase, having done this in LKS2. Today, they have independently designed a line of enquiry around what influences this increase. The children have looked for correlations between your height and your heart rate and have investigated …

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Rain Player Art

We wanted to share some of the brilliant artwork that Miss Stevens has been working on with children in Doves. Using the book The Rain Player as inspiration , we created our own versions of the images using layering techniques – hope you agree that the finished products look just as good as the original.

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Digestion – a messy example

Last week, the Doves all got their hands dirty and created a working model of the process of digestion. The pictures speak for themselves but, their faces really were a picture. Particularly, when the food left the stomach, via the duodenum into the small intestines. AND, even more so when the food left the rectum! …

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