Take a look at some of the exciting Geography enrichment activities we have been taking part in this year so far.

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KS2 – World Trading Activity

Doves discovered all about trading during an activity that saw them creating and selling products, as well as negotiating for raw materials. The class was split into teams and each team faced unique challenges as they attempted to buy and sell. A number of different real-world scenarios ensured that the trading world changed at different …

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EYFS Fieldwork Fortnight 2023

As part of Fieldwork Fortnight, we have been outside exploring the School grounds today. Firstly, we got together with a buddy and looked at our maps. We did a fantastic job of reading these and discovering where we were! After this, we headed outside to explore the different outdoor areas on our map. At each place, we discussed what we could see, what we could hear and the different activities we can do in these areas. We then marked each area with a different face depending on how it made us feel (happy, calm, sad, excited etc).

LKS2 Fieldwork Fortnight 2023

As part of Fieldwork Fortnight, we have been out and about exploring the School grounds to identify the features we have that are good for the environment. To begin with, we got together in pairs and had a look at a school map. We discussed the different human (buildings, fences, sheds) and physical (grass areas, gradient lines, gardens) features on the map, and once we’d found our bearings, we set off to explore! On our journey we found so many different features that help us promote, look after and maintain a good environment. We found vegetable patches, recycled garden areas, bird feeders and boxes, a bike shed, water butts, mini-beast areas, educational environment signs, a pond, a hedgehog area, recycling bins, an outdoor classroom, picnic benches…THE LIST WAS ENDLESS! After marking all these features on our maps, we got back together to discuss and share these. Overall, we were very impressed with the school grounds!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

In EYFS, the children went on an exciting trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. While they were there they had the opportunity to explore the grounds and use maps to help them find different areas of the adventure park.

Local Geography

As part of KS1’s local geography study, the children kicked off their topic by visiting the four countries of the United Kingdom. They took part in the Highland games in Scotland, completed a quiz in Wales, used atlases to explore England and learnt some Irish dancing in Northern Ireland.


In UKS2, the children visited Jorvik to discover the sights, sounds and smells of the Viking Age.

They also visited The DIG which gave the children a hands-on experience of being an archaeologist by digging for evidence in the digging pits and putting their enquiry skills to the test.

Earth Day 2023 – School Council

After helping promote Earth Day, School Council have been keen to do more to help our planet, particularly through helping the wildlife. This week, we have had a go at creating our very own recycled bird feeders to hang up around the School grounds. We had so much fun making them and are very pleased with the finished results. We hope they attract many small visitors over the coming weeks.

Earth Day 2023

On Saturday 22nd April, it is World Earth Day. The theme this year is ‘Invest In Our Planet’. In school, we have been discussing the importance of Earth Day and what we can do to make a positive impact to our environment and to our planet. We have discussed many ways we can make changes including:

– saving water

– saving energy

– litter picking

– diet changes (eat less meat)

– reduce, recycle, reuse

Each class has participated in different activities such as, making posters, completing quizzes, crafts and reading comprehensions.