Our PSHE scheme (taken from Islington Primary scheme of work) has been implemented since 2019 through years one to six. We feel the introduction of the new PSHE curriculum has been very positive. The scheme provides a clear and progressive PSHE curriculum. Our RSE policy is available on our policies page. The PSHE curriculum has been divided into 7 different strands:

In Spring terms, Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 will cover their units on Relationship and Sex Education (RSE). RSE aims to support children’s emotional development by educating them about relationships and emotions. Lessons will be tailored to the age and maturity of the children.

The lessons and units are progressive and will build upon their learning in Science and PE. In Year 2, the children will talk about the changes to humans and animals through their lives. They will label anatomical parts of the body, including male and female genitalia and the distinguishing differences between boys and girls. In Year 4, the children will learn about growing and changing. They will identify changes through human life-cycles and understand that change is ongoing and individual. They will discuss personal hygiene and learn about the physical changes associated with puberty. They will also learn about wet dreams and menstruation. In Year 6, the children will learn about healthy relationships and how a baby is made.

Please see the attached RSE teaching plans for the coverage of this subject:

RSE Topic Plan Y2

RSE Topic Plan Y4

RSE Topic Plan Y6

The school is well aware that the primary role in children’s sex and relationships education lies with parents and carers. We wish to build a positive and supporting relationship with the parents and carers of the children in our school through mutual understanding, trust and co-operation.

Parents/carers have the choice to withdraw their children from Sex Education lessons if considered necessary. However, please be aware that we will sometimes discuss issues around relationships as and when appropriate. We would hope that through open and honest communication, in which parents and carers are fully aware of the whole programme and its benefits, no child is withdrawn. However, if parents request for withdrawal this should be put in writing and discussed with the class teacher or Headteacher.

RSE Primary Schools Guide for Parents

PSHE Long Term Plan

Overview of RSE Curriculum

RSE-PSHE – Update & Changes for 2020

Please come and talk to your child’s class teacher or the PSHE subject leader (Miss Beestin) if you have any further questions regarding the content and teaching of RSE.