Bluebirds Become Coeliac Champions!

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Today two of our children, Max and Maddie, became the teachers in Bluebirds!  They are both coeliacs and therefore have a special diet which contains no gluten.  They explained to the class how they can become poorly if they eat wheat, barley or rye… even if they are cooked inside things.  They answered questions from the children about what it is like to be a coeliac too.  Max and Maddie also prepared some regular crispy buns and some gluten free crispy buns.  After taste testing both, the children had to decide which they thought tasted the nicest… and almost all of the class chose the gluten free buns!  WOW!  Afterwards, the children completed a special activity which got them to sort foods into three groups: gluten free, need to check and not gluten free.  It was such a lovely activity!  Even at lunch time the children were still talking all about it – asking if the sausages were gluten free!  Everyone got a special sticker for their hard work!  Well done and thank you to Max and Maddie (and their parents) for organising such a super talk and activity with the class.

Max and Maddie doing their special talk and answering questions with the class.

29-03-2018 111650

The taste test begins!

29-03-2018 112503

The voting came next…

29-03-2018 113010

The fabulous work that the children completed and the stickers they earned for being superstars!

29-03-2018 115012

Well done Max and Maddie!