End of week 2 – TTR update – The week of the giant killing

Good morning, Tranmere Park.

It may have been FA cup weekend, but, let’s be honest, the giant killings and the excitement of the cup was all reserved for the Tranmere Park TTR Champions League. Drama galore!

There were some astounding performances once again and some battles to end all battles. Thank you for all your enthusiasm; it really does pay off – more on that later.

Now, the all important results:

Herons vs Puffins
63,270 vs 45,598 YEAR 2 TOPPLE YEAR 5!
Star Players: Daniel Vine (21,051), Thomas Arnold (15,897), Elys Lewis (7,878) and Riley Platts (7,444)

Red Kites vs Woodpeckers
28,021, 26,409
Star Players: Ishan Gin (9,808), Jack Gordon (8,714) and Oscar Whitaker (7,650)

Doves vs Skylarks
30,594 vs 39,196
Star Players: Luca Green (14,642 – WOW!!!) and Oli Ross (9,821)

Kingfishers vs Falcons
51,043 vs 40,003
Star Players: Frank Buckle (11,980), Molly Bradbury (10,859), Sophie Cooke (7,287) and Nathan Hamilton (6,361)

I loved putting the league table together after those results because it really is still all to play for. The Herons have stormed into an early lead but, it could all look very different again, come Sunday night.

The fixtures for this current week are:

Herons vs Woodpeckers (off the back of a defeat, will the Woodpeckers topple our current leaders?)

Doves vs Red Kites (Can Doves shake off last week’s shock defeat or will the Red Kites march on?)

Puffins vs Falcons (The local derby between Yr 4 and Yr 5 – who will be victorious?!)

Skylarks vs Kingfishers (Will we see another giant killing from Yr1/2?)

I will keep you up to date as the week progresses. Thank you again for all of your hard work and your engagement. I am delighted to see that you are all as enthusiastic and competitive as I am. And, it is paying off – Tranmere Park, after the last two weeks, now have the 2nd fastest average speed in Leeds and Bradford. We are closing in on top spot too. Our average speed is now 3.79 and, to knock the other school off top spot, we need to reach an average speed of 3.47.

Let the games begin,

Mr Learmonth

TTR Champions League Table