Local Charity Sets a Challenge!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of our local and brilliant charities, AVSED (Aireborough Voluntary Services to the Elderly) like many others, had to shut down their services.

This included daily social activities for some of the loneliest people in our own community. This means they have lost what is sometimes their only connection and conversation with other people every week.

Next week (Wednesday 1st July) AVSED are launching a new fundraising campaign and wondered if you wanted to get involved?

It is called the AVSED 22.

The boundary of AVSED’s coverage is 22 miles so we originally (before COVID) were going to do challenges such as swim, walk, jog, cycle or run 22 miles. They have had to adapt this now that the pandemic is here and are looking at many ways that people can help them to raise funds – not just through physical activities!

Some of the fundraising ideas that have been mentioned already include:

  • Knitting and selling 22 items
  • Doing 22 star jumps a day for 22 days
  • Giving up a favourite treat for 22 days
  • Sponsored toddles for the younger children
  • Sponsored Dog walks
  • Drawing and selling 22 pieces of art (from children’s doodles to something a bit more advanced)
  • Bob-a-job – 22 helpful jobs for a pound a job
  • 22 hour sponsored silence
  • £22 donation per household/family
  • Having a yard sale from the COVID de-cluttering

But really anything could be achieved! If you feel up for a physical challenge, why not do a sponsored walk, run, cycle or skip?

They would really love it if you could get involved, or at the least cascade this information to your wider families and networks.

We have attached AVSED’s posters.

AVSED will be launching this campaign on their Facebook Page on Wednesday and they are using the hashtag #avsed22 across social media to help people share their efforts!

If you get involved, have fun, stay safe, share it on social media and don’t forget to use the hashtag #avsed22 !

The Posters are here:

AVSED22 new

Danny the hero

we want you 22