Mid-week TTR update

Morning, Tranmere Park.

Here comes your mid-week TTR update – and, one or two of the battles are looking like they are heading towards an exciting conclusion. (Particularly the 3/4 local derby)

The all important half-time scores:


Kingfishers vs Falcons

35,571 vs 25,142

Doves vs Skylarks

23,488 vs 4,816

Red Kites vs Woodpeckers

9,995 vs 8,036

Herons vs Puffins

21,893 vs 14,582


I am hoping that today might be the day that a certain 50cm trophy will arrive and be in our possession. Watch this space!

NOTE TO ALL COMPETITORS: After much discussion amongst the Tranmere TTRA (TimesTableRockstarAssociation) – the pretend governing body overseeing proceedings, we are going to make a rule amendment (stunned silence greets this news I am sure).

Skylarks will now have their score doubled at the end of each week. Last week, this would have meant that they beat the Woodpeckers however this rule will only be coming into force from this point forwards (don’t panic Woodpeckers). This late edit to the rules has come about because Year 1 Skylarks are not playing so they have half the players, and, in such, doubling their score from this point forward seems more than fair. So, this week, whilst it currently says 4,816, please note that this will be doubled on Sunday evening. Doves, watch your backs!

Mr Learmonth