Sports Day – Key Messages

Posted on by gomersallh

Just a quick few messages regarding Sports Day on Thursday.

Sports Day will be running in the morning 9.30-11.30am for EYFS/KS1 children. KS2 Sports Day will start at 1.30 til 3.15pm.

Each session will be split into two parts.

The first part will be a rotation around various different multi-skills events. These will be done in our Tranmere House Teams (a slight change from previous years) and we are hoping this will really encourage our Team Tranmere behaviour. Each team will be led by a member of staff and parents are welcome, even encouraged, to join in!

The second part will be our annual Running Races. Children will run within their year group. We will begin with heats and then finish with a final for each year group.  Certificates will be awarded for the winner of each race.

We are hoping that the rotation part will last around an hour and we will then move onto the running races. This would mean that EYFS/KS1 running races would start between 10.30-10.45am and KS2 running races would start between 2.30-2.40pm. These are not definite timings and are subject to change on the day.

Please can we ask that if parents would like to take photos, they are only of your own child and do not include any other children in the background. Also, please do not share photos on social media.

There will also be refreshments available to buy provided by the PTA.

We’re really looking forward to inviting parents back on site and participating in our Sports Day again!

See you on Thursday 😊