The 5Bs of home learning

Posted on by Mr Beech

Afternoon, Tranmere Park.

I hope this message finds you well and that you have enjoyed your learning from this morning. Monday marked the beginning of our home learning offer and, whilst this will be ever evolving, we are delighted with how it has begun; the work submitted on Google Classroom is now indicative of an ever-improving standard and we are really pleased with the current levels of engagement.

We are, however, mindful that learning from home is a unique challenge and one that can put strain on working families. In school, we speak to the children about the learning behaviours needed to foster success and we are aware that, at present, our children may not be sure how to demonstrate first-class learning behaviours from home. The last thing we want is for our home learners to be over-reliant on support from their working parents to complete the day’s tasks.

Therefore, we have developed a guide for how to be a great home learner and how to demonstrate maturity and independence when doing so. To make this accessible to our children, this guidance is organised under our ‘Tranmere 5Bs’. This has been attached as a poster to this post. The teaching staff will be working with the children to promote these over the coming weeks. We hope that it proves useful.

Mr Learmonth and Mr Beech

The 5Bs of Remote Learning – Information for parents

The 5Bs of Remote Learning – Advice Poster