The final, mid-week TTR update.

Good morning, Tranmere.

Well, what can I say, the final week of our Tranmere Park TTR Champions League is already providing the sort of drama that we have come to expect. I am sure there will be many more twists, turns and potential upsets before we reach the end of our tournament on Sunday at 5pm.

Before I begin to walk you through the scores as they stand, I thought I would update you all on where Tranmere Park stands as a school locally. So, drum roll please, when competing against the rest of Leeds and Bradford, having scored over 2,000,000 on TTR across the last 7 weeks, we have cemented ourselves in TOP SPOT on the local leader boards! Our average speed currently stands at 3.65. This is a phenomenal effort and a huge improvement. Currently, second place stands at 3.83 and third is 4.48. We are almost one second faster, on average, than the 3rd place school in our local area. WOW. TAKE A BOW! We are all so proud of your efforts.

In other news, Oliver Ross continues to top our speed charts with a current studio speed of 0.48. But, Oscar Whitaker (0.5), Oscar De Biase (0.51) and Daniel Vine (0.52) are breathing down his neck….

Now, moving our attention back to the all important final week of battles….

The excitement, the whispers in the halls of Tranmere, the gossip around every corner is all around the match-up between Yr3/4 and Yr6; the Woodpeckers had spent the first few days of the tournament ahead of the Doves, much to their dismay. If this were to continue, the trophy would be going to the Herons. And, looking into the eyes of the Doves, and reading their comments on GC, they are determined to not let that happen. Will an upset be on the cards? Will we finish the week with one class at the summit of our table? Or, will two classes share the position leading to a head to head show down to decide upon the ultimate winner? Time will tell.

So, the all important scores on the doors at the half-way stage of our final week:

Falcons vs Red Kites
30,497 vs 6,975

Doves vs Woodpeckers
49,576 vs 42,450 (a new record for the Woodpeckers – keep going! You have them panicked!)

Puffins vs Skylarks
10,138 vs 5,444 (10,888 after the double)

Herons vs Kingfishers
38,466 vs 23,296

Therefore, as it stands, it would appear that we will have two classes at the top of our league table at the end of play. However, the Woodpeckers and the Kingfishers have the power to change all of that. Will they cause an upset and trip up those classes at the final hurdle? I can’t wait to find out!

Happy hunting,

Mr Learmonth