Week 6 – mid-week TTR update

Afternoon, Tranmere.

Welcome to the penultimate mid-week update of our TTR Champions League. As always, at the mid-week stages, many battles are hotting up and there is no way of knowing who will be claiming the points at the end of play at Sunday tea time.

The all important scores:

Herons vs Red Kites
32,445 vs 10,358
The Herons appear to be marching on. Having only suffered one loss so far, can the Red Kites rally, defeating the Herons and pull off an unlikely upset?!

Falcons vs Skylarks
36,282 vs 4,144
Well, what can we say about this? The Falcons are taking no prisoners this week and are leaving nothing to chance. A phenomenal effort.

Kingfishers vs Woodpeckers
27,658 vs 22,805
This one is truly too close to call. Who will come out on top? I wouldn’t like to call but I can tell you that Frank Buckle from the Kingfishers has 14,997 and Oscar Whitaker from the Woodpeckers has 13,816. So, whilst I can’t predict which way this one will go, I can say with certainty that the battle between these two boys will decide it! Game on.

Doves vs Puffins
51,960 vs 34,339
The battle for UPKS2 supremacy is kicking off. Having scored >100,000 points last week, the Puffins are looking like they may have to achieve this again in order to topple the Doves and take top spot away from them. Show us what you are made of, Puffins.

So, there you have it. Once again, I am blown away by your efforts. If we keep this up, we will clear 2,000,000 points! I look forward to seeing which class will be victorious come Sunday tea time.

Mr Learmonth