Your first TTR update….

We are approaching the end of day 3 and the response to our new Champions League has been phenomenal; I am so pleased that you have all embraced the idea and are enjoying the competition.

So, the all important scores at the end of day 3 (well, almost):

Doves vs Kingfishers
53,481 vs 36,529

Puffins vs Red Kites
15,401 vs 9,539

Falcons vs Herons
24,448 vs 19,799

Woodpeckers vs Skylarks
6,041 vs 2,920

Keep up the hard work. And, to those classes who are currently behind, there are 4 full days left of this week’s battles. It really is all still to play for! I know the Doves are already aiming to break the 100,000 mark, so, Kingfishers, can you spoil our fun?! Also, Falcons, what a fantastic start but, keep your wits about you because the Herons are close on your tails! After taking an early lead, Skylarks, the Woodpeckers have flown past you – keep going. And, Red Kites, you can catch those Puffins!

I will keep you all up to date as the competition progresses,

Mr Learmonth