KS1 Visit to Nell Bank, Ilkley

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Our topic this half term is ‘From A to B’. As part of our topic work we have been looking at a range of maps and recognising the physical and human features. We have also been devising simple maps of our own. Yesterday, the children in Key Stage One visited Nell Bank in Ilkley to complete a range of map reading and orienteering activities. The children were placed into key stage groups and had to work as a team to read the maps carefully and record their answers. Each group rotated around 3 activities which linked science learning with geography.

The children completed a habitat trail where they learnt about terminology such as predator, prey, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore and names for the homes of a range of animals.  They then completed a range of activities linked to these animals before drawing a map of their route and plotting where they had been on a map of Nell Bank.

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The children learnt that badgers have a strong sense of smell. They each had a scent that they had to try to find on these posts. Who had vanilla, mint or lemon?

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We also learnt that Moles do not have a strong sense of sight so we completed a simple route blindfolded. It was pretty challenging!

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14-03-2017 115021By the time we had finished our senses/habitats trail we had visited a lot of the Nell Bank site, exploring fields and woodland. We then worked together to create a map of our journey. We also plotted where we had visited on a map of Nell Bank.

As playtime,we each had a turn in the water area. Our teachers were very proud of us because we all worked together as a team. This was great fun!

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Our final activity was orienteering. We had to use a map of Nell Bank to identify where different animals were hidden. We had to work in pairs and use features such as ponds, trees etc to work out where we were and where we needed to go next.

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One of the highlights was washing our wellies at the welly station!

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We all had such a lovely day and learnt such a lot!