Ofsted Report

“Tranmere Park Primary is a warm and inclusive school. Every pupil is cared for and supported to achieve their best. Staff support every child as an individual.”

“Parents celebrate the work of the school and the support which staff provide to their children.”

“Pupils are kind to one another. They respect and celebrate difference and they appreciate the school’s strong sense of community…. Pupils meet the high expectations of staff. They consistently display the values of ‘be yourself, be your best, be team Tranmere’. Pupils make the most of the wide range of opportunities they have to demonstrate their leadership skills and to develop their talents and interests.”

“Pupils behave exceptionally well. They are highly motivated to learn. They are very positive about the way that staff support them. Pupils develop the knowledge and skills they need for the future. They are supported to read fluently, and staff work hard to ensure that every pupil develops a love of reading.”

“Throughout their time at school, pupils enjoy a wide range of carefully planned opportunities to develop their confidence and independence, both in and out of the classroom.”

“Leaders are ambitious for every pupil at the school. They have ensured that pupils learn a broad and ambitious curriculum. Teachers ensure that pupils develop their knowledge and skills over time across the range of subjects. As a result, pupils achieve very well. This includes pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).”

“Leaders have prioritised reading. Children develop their knowledge of phonics from the early years and most children quickly learn to read fluently.”

Teachers present new material in a way which is clear and engaging. Pupils take an active part in their learning and enjoy a range of opportunities for debate and discussion. Teachers regularly revisit previous learning to help pupils remember this. Teachers check pupils’ understanding of what they have been taught.”

Pupils learn how to be healthy and safe and are knowledgeable about issues such as mental health and healthy lifestyles. Pupils enjoy a very wide range of experiences and learning outside of the classroom, and these are carefully planned to ensure that they enhance what pupils learn in the curriculum.”

“Leaders continually seek to improve the school and to sustain their high standards. Governors are highly skilled and effective. They contribute actively to the strategic direction of the school and rigorously hold leaders to account.”

“Staff are knowledgeable about the risks that children might face. They look out for signs that children might need further support. If staff have concerns about a child, they act on these quickly. Leaders ensure that pupils get the help they need, working effectively with other local agencies.”

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