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Half Term Fun | 22 May 2020

We have uploaded a selection of fun activities and reading material to Google Classroom for you to have a go at over half term. There is no expectation for any of this to be completed or handed in, but we know some of our Tranmere families are in the swing of a ‘work’ routine, so …

Chicks in KS1 | 12 Mar 2020

Over the last two weeks KS1 have been learning about life cycles. They have been fortunate enough to watch chicks hatch from their eggs and learn how to look after them. The classes have been making sure the chicks have enough water and food. They have also been cleaning the cages out daily by changing …

Judo with Eagles | 12 Mar 2020

Today had their taster session from ‘Destination Judo’.  They got to wear a judogi to try out all the new moves. They learnt safe ways to move on the mat and tried a few techniques with a partner.  A leaflet has been sent home in book bags for more information.  

World Book Day 2020 | 05 Mar 2020

Another World Book Day has flown past in spectacular style. Throughout the classes the children took part in various activities including: live reads, buddy reading, quizzes, story sharing, listening to audio books and much more. We loved seeing everyone in their costumes. Thank you for making such an effort.    

World Book Day Reminder | 04 Mar 2020

Tomorrow  we will celebrate World Book Day. Each child can wear an outfit or fancy dress costume to school and choose a word to describe it. There will be lots of activities happening throughout the day to promote the love of reading and vocabulary. All the children have been given the Book Bingo Challenge competition leaflet. …

Time Travellers Homework Grid 2020 Time Travellers- KS1 Knowledge Organiser- Spring 2nd Cyc 2 2020 English Knowledge Organiser Spring Year 1 English Knowledge Organiser Spring Year 2 Maths Knowledge Organiser Spring Y1 Maths Knowledge Organiser Spring Y2 KS1 Science Knowledge Organiser Healthy Animals Spring 2nd

To complete our structure topic, Eagles were designers and builders. Their challenge this time was to build a tower. They were given tooth picks, spaghetti, marshmallows and Midget Gems to use, but first they had to design their structure.  After they had built their structure, the children evaluated their work. They decided that using a …

The children were challenged to work as a team to build a structure. Their structure needed to stand and be able to balance objects on the top. I was really impressed with how the children worked and supported each other.

Thank you to all the mums, dads and grandmas that managed to attend our class drop in this morning. The children loved sharing their work and demonstrating their phonic knowledge.

As part of our maths work, Eagles have been identifying and describing the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. They have completed lots of different activities to help them identify them and come up with ways to remember tricky spelling.
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