Puffins Topic – The Mayan Calendar

Today in Puffins, we have been learning all about the Mayan calendar. We started our session by looking at what the Mayan calendar (the Haab and the Tzolk’in) is, it’s different components and, how we believe it worked. We then compared it to the calendar we have nowadays, highlighting similarities such as, both use/used numbers, day names and month names and differences such as, we have one 365 day calendar however the Mayans had two (one 260 day and one 365 day) calendars that worked alongside each other. After this, we had a go at creating our own so we could see exactly how the Haab and Tzolk’in calendars looked and worked.

Throughout the lesson, we were amazed at just how complex the Mayan writing, number and calendar system was! And dare we say it… a little bamboozled and brain frazzled by the end of our session (see our last pic as evidence!)