Get Into Guitar

Our school guitar lessons are provided by Get Into Guitar –

Their model is built on fostering extremely positivite relationships and delivering engaging lessons that really motivate children to practise hard. They recently won Music Tuition Business of the Year at the Yorkshire Prestige Awards 23/24.

Get Into Guitar offer:

  • In lesson provision of suitably sized acoustic and electric guitars, headphones, headphone amplifiers and online tablet/laptop based learning applications.
  • Learning ‘child selected’ songs with differentiated take home music resources.
  • A carefully crafted music curriculum including performances, competitions with great prizes, song writing and Battle of the Band video recordings.

These fun, collaborative groups are designed both for complete beginners, and those who already have some guitar experience. We meet every week for 30 minutes (Year 2-6). The cost is £5-£5.50 per lesson paid in half termly blocks or monthly standing order. Get Into Guitar also provide a strap fitting, restringing and repair service for those students looking to restore their own guitar.

If your child feels inspired to get involved and try it out then please sign up below. Get Into Guitar foster extremely positive relationships with students, and aim to truly inspire them, building their confidence, aspirations and love of playing music.

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