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Pupil Mentoring Files/Annual Reports

Pupil mentoring files come home three times a year, in the first half of each term, and give an overview for parents of children’s progress in each term. They inform parents about each pupil’s attainment, achievement and attitudes and are followed up with parent/teacher consultations in the second half of the Autumn and Spring terms. The end of year report summarises all aspects of pupil progress throughout the year.

Parent/Teacher Consultations

Parents’ evenings are held twice a year – once in the Autumn term and another in Spring. Parents’ evenings are an opportunity to discuss pupil progress and raise any issues with the class teacher.

Informal Meetings

Informal meetings can be as effective.  We encourage parents of all our pupils to keep in close contact with the school – it’s nearly always possible to speak with the class teacher for a moment or two after school, and a longer discussion can be arranged within a day or two.

Speak to the Head

As well as speaking to the class teacher, Mrs Finley is always available to respond to general questions or concerns.  She is on the playground most mornings for this purpose. If you would like a longer meeting this can be arranged through the school office.


We also produce a newsletter weekly, ‘The Tranmere Times’, which keeps parents informed about general school issues.  Class bulletins contain class – specific information and are produced six times yearly.

Parents can also use home/school diaries and planners to communicate with school.


We also publish news to these sites regularly.