Hello again everyone! I outlined our plans for School Development this year in my last post and as I told you, one of our biggest priorities is READING – we want to make sure that all our children learn to read quickly and fluently and most importantly, enjoy their reading.

In our weekly reading assembly KS2 children have been looking at some of the facts and figures around reading.

We’ve learnt that if we read for just 20 minutes every day, that means we’ll see 1.8 million words in a year! Wow – reading really does make you SMARTER!

We’ve also learned that good readers do better at school, are more likely to go to University and will be in better paid jobs when they grow up – so reading makes you more SUCCESSFUL!

And last but not least, reading is really good for our WELL-BEING – it helps to take our mind off day to day worries and can help us relax.

Parents can really help us by reinforcing these positive messages around reading and encouraging children to read widely and often at home.

…. off to read some e-mails …. I’m not sure that will make me smarter 🙂 !