Welcome to our Design Technology page. Below you will find some of the projects we have carried out across EYFS to Y6. You will also see some of the wider activities we have been engaging in to help enhance our cultural capital in the world of Design Technology…



School Council Pizza Making at Pizza Express



The Little Inventors: Designers Month Challenge WINNER!!!
Our fantastic little designer, Lola, was chosen as the winner of the Little Inventors ‘Designers Month’ Challenge. Lola won a £100 voucher to spend on resources for school, a copy of the ‘Little Inventors Handbook’ signed by Chief Inventor Dominic Wilcox and a personalised feedback video. Well done, Lola!



The Little Inventors: Designers Month Challenge https://inventors-month.littleinventors.org/
Throughout May, pupils have taken part in The Little Inventors ‘Designers Month Challenge’. Their task has been to create an invention that solves one of the following 3 problems…
1. Invent something to stop a seagull taking your food at the beach.
2. Invent something to help you reach things that are high up.
3. Invent cutlery that is easier to use and can’t be dropped.
There have been some fantastic inventions created by the pupils, all of which have been uploaded and shared on the Little Inventors website. We even got some shout outs on their social media pages too!



The Little Inventors: Mission Oceans
As our new friend, Sam the Sea Turtle has been making his way through school, we’ve been using the Little Inventors ‘Mission Oceans’ book to help us design some inventions to help protect and enhance life at sea for the sea turtles. We’ve come up with creations to help reduce plastic and pollution in the waters, protect sea turtles from predators and to help them have LOTS of fun in the water with their friends!



Inventors and Makers: Inspirational Inventors (International Women’s Day)
As part of International Women’s Day this year, we have spent some time researching and finding out about some inspirational women whose inventions have had a great impact on society. Today we explored: Margaret Hamilton ‘Pioneer of NASA’s inflight software for moon landings’, Marie Curie ‘Inventor of the portable X-Ray’, Katherine Johnson ‘Mathematician behind the moon landings’ and Marie Van Brittan Brown ‘Inventor of the video home security system’.



Inventors and Makers: Inspirational Inventors (Safer Internet Day)
As part of Safer Internet Day this year, we have spent some time researching and finding out about some inspirational inventors who have had a great impact on the computing world. Today we explored: Radia Perlman ‘Mother of the Internet’, Ada Lovelace ‘The First Computer Programmer’ and Alan Emtage ‘Inventor of the Search Engine’.



The Little Inventors: Design Books
Tranmere would like to say a HUGE thank you to The Little Inventors for kindly gifting us a set of their design books. We can’t wait to get designing and making things that will help the planet go green, save the oceans and take us out of this world!



The Little Inventors: Christmas Invention Challenge  https://www.littleinventors.org/
Over the past couple of weeks, all children from EYFS to Year 6 have been working hard on their Little Inventors Christmas Competition task. Children were given the following brief and had to come up with their own original, weird and wonderful ideas! A snippet of which are pictured below.

‘Tis the season to hang the stockings, roll up the snowmen, and snuggle up with a hot chocolate. The Christmas period can get very busy – no one feels this more than Father Christmas! Can you invent something snazzy and creative and amazingly unique that could help him relax, help with all the presents, or add improvements to his sleigh?



EYFS Supertato



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LKS2 Chocolate Bread



LKS2 Mechanical Greek Gods and Goddesses



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UKS2 Mayan Temples