Taskmaster Club

Taskmaster Club

Every Friday, three children from each class are invited to take part in Taskmaster Club.

Why Taskmaster Club?


Important life skills!

By engaging with Taskmaster’s approach to learning, children develop important life skills such as teamwork, problem solving, communication, lateral thinking and resilience, while pupil wellbeing is supported and developed by making school more fun. Working as a team improves a child’s sense of belonging, and the varied nature of tasks means that it’s not always the same (sporty or academic) children who do well. Everyone has the chance to play their part, feel involved, and succeed.

“It has helped me to think in a different way about challenges in my work.”  –  Year 3 
“It has helped me think outside the box when it comes to all kinds of problems.”  – Year 4 
“It makes me think much more practically about things. And I’ve become a much better teamworker – I was rubbish at that before Taskmaster” – Year 5 
” We see problems differently in our work. It helps you take a step back before attempting problems”  –  Year 5  


Doughnut in a Box 

Using only THREE yes or no questions, find the doughnut. You may not touch or move, in any way, any of the boxes on the table.

Congratulations to Ella K for finding the final doughnut, albeit a digital doughnut…


Build the tallest tower of glue sticks that cannot be knocked down by a teabag

Winners: Y6 Girls


Find an object that weighs the same as:

Four cherries

30 English books (you may not touch the English books)

New-born baby



Cup of tea

Winners: Y6 Girls



Create a Hilarious Sequence of Photos 




Ball Race

Rules: take the balls to the tree in the fastest time.

Winners: Red Team: Freya, Zoe and Emily.

Reason: slowest time, but… see last picture!


Balance the Scales 

Rules: you must not touch the scales.

Winners: Leo, Elliot and Arthur & Lewis, Sophia and Luca

Reason: “Nothing in the task said you couldn’t remove the original weight.”


Build the Tallest Tower of Balls

Winners: Harry, Elys and Thomas

Reason: “Despite falling over, it is still a tower.”