Take a look at some of the exciting art enrichment activities we have been taking part in this year so far.

ALPT Art Exhibition – Going For A Walk.

Reception decorated footprints with materials they found in and outside of school.

KS1 drew and painted trees. Discussed what they would include in a picnic and carried out still-life sketches of their food.

LKS2 described and created their favourite local walks.

UKS2 described and created, using different mediums, their favourite walks.

As you can see, the standard of art was outstanding. Thank you to all of our talented artists.

Art assessment – showing progression in art.

Each year we focus on a different art skill. We ask the children to complete an art objective for example: draw the human body. We then teach age appropriate skills to develop their skills and knowledge of that objective (body proportions, hatching and cross hatching, shadow edging).

The children then produce a final piece of art using all of the skills and knowledge learnt.

Here is our display board showing examples.

Art around school

Anglo-Saxon and Viking art – UKS2

LKS2 Rainforest and Chocolate

KS1 Toy topic

Reception art wall


Here are some examples of how we use sketchbooks in school year 1 to year 6.