Red Kites Investigate… | 28 Mar 2022

This morning, Red Kites stepped into the weird and wonderful world of non-Newtonian fluids. We learnt how, when force is applied, the fluid behaves like a solid! Have a look at the pictures below.

Tranmere Times 25.3.22 | 25 Mar 2022

World Maths Day ~ Falcons help Mrs H with her real life maths problems! | 23 Mar 2022

On world maths day, Falcons did me a huge favour by helping me with some real life maths problems. They helped me to work out how much money my own children need to earn to top up their student loans to pay for their accommodation. On top of that they worked out how much spending …

Tranmere Times 18.3.22 | 18 Mar 2022

Ingleborough update! | 17 Mar 2022

We have all had a great time and are tucked up in bed now after a very busy day and a MASSIVE sticky toffee pudding. One child in particular was mortified to hear that a staff member did not like this “fantastic” dessert and was angling for her portion! Across the three days, all groups …

School Council – Tree Planting | 17 Mar 2022

This week some of our School Council members were invited to help celebrate The Queens Platinum Jubilee. To mark this incredible milestone the children connected with our local community working with ‘Guiseley in Bloom’ and Councillors Paul Alderson, Paul Wadsworth and Graham Latty to plant seven Sliver Birch trees in Springfield Park.

Tranmere Times 11.3.22 | 11 Mar 2022

Woodpeckers – Earthquakes | 11 Mar 2022

This week in Woodpeckers, we have taken a look at how the strength of earthquakes are measured. To begin with, we had a discussion as to how we thought we could measure the strength of earthquakes. We spoke about looking at the damage it had caused to the planet or by thinking about how it …

Kingfishers Eden Camp visit. EXIT POINT. | 09 Mar 2022

Today we enjoyed learning all about World War II. The children really immersed themselves in the day by planning their own route around the Camp. Huts visited included The Rise of Hitler, Home Front, The Street, Bomber Ops, Prisoner of War, Provisions, AFS & Bevin Boys and Forces Reunion. There was also a visit to …

Tranmere Times 4.3.22 | 04 Mar 2022

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