Tranmere Times 1.12.23 | 01 Dec 2023

Tranmere Times 24.11.23 | 24 Nov 2023

Story Bus Visit | 23 Nov 2023

The library story bus came to visit today. We went to the bus in groups and listened to a lovely story, sang some songs including The Wheels on the Bus – of course – and then had a chance to read some of the books ourselves. We really enjoyed it and the great news is…… …

Tranmere Times 16.11.23 | 16 Nov 2023

Exercise and our body | 16 Nov 2023

In Science, we have challenged the children to see how regular exercise affects their mood, self-esteem, sleep and health. Today, we modelled a basic circuit that could be completed in the home (sit ups, press ups, burpees, plank, bear crawls and step ups). The children have recorded their baseline figures and are going to retest …

Eagles Exit Point – Art Gallery | 15 Nov 2023

Today KS1 had their exit point for out topic ‘Hooray, Let’s Go On Holiday!’ Throughout our topic, the children have used pastels, pencils and charcoal to create a wide array of art linked to our work on the seaside. Today, the children showcased their work to Kingfishers class and opened our classroom as an art …

Tranmere Times 10.11.23 | 10 Nov 2023

Tranmere Times 27.10.23 | 27 Oct 2023

Topic – The Five Senses | 25 Oct 2023

We had a lovely time exploring the five senses. We tried to identify smells in pots (vinegar, orange, soap and chocolate). We made feely pictures from things like sandpaper, pasta and cotton wool. We led each other around an obstacle course blindfolded. We listened to sounds and tried to identify them. We tasted something salty …

Tranmere Times 20.10.23 | 20 Oct 2023

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