Tranmere Times 25.9.20 | 25 Sep 2020

Tranmere Times 25.9.20

Welcome to the Jungle… | 25 Sep 2020

…it gets worse here every day. You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play. Apt description of modern primary teaching or late 80s popular culture reference? Thankfully, mostly the latter for Falcons’ class who spent the afternoon creating tribal masks as part of the entry point to their new topic …

Skylarks Entry Point | 18 Sep 2020

This half term our topic is ‘Our World.’ To find out the title of our topic, Skylark class completed an orienteering exercise. We used maps and keys to identify key locations around the school grounds and used this information to help us find a range of hidden letters. Once we had found all of the …

Tranmere Times 18.9.20 | 18 Sep 2020


Welcome | 16 Sep 2020

A big welcome to all of our reception children! You all look very smart in your uniforms and there were lots of smiling faces after lunch. It was great to hear all about what you have been doing, from letter sounds to hand prints and back. Welcome to Team Tranmere!

Snicket maintainence | 16 Sep 2020

Just to let all stakeholders know, we have had the bushes trimmed that were encroaching on the snicket. All fences remain intact. This is to ensure that people can see more clearly to assist with social distancing. Thanks!

Tranmere Times 11.9.20 | 11 Sep 2020

Tranmere Times 11.9.20

We’re back! | 11 Sep 2020

We’ve had the best week! Looking forward to doing it all again next week too! There’s some important information coming home with the Tranmere Times today so please make sure you have a look. Have a great weekend, Team Tranmere!

A Slight Tweak to Drop Off and Pick Up | 11 Sep 2020

Dear parents and carers, This first week back was always going to be a challenge. We came to it prepared to review and accept that some of the plans we have in place will work well and others will need to be altered. We can see that the morning drop-off arrangements as they stand at …

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Staggered Rota | 09 Sep 2020

We have introduced a rota for school drop-off and pick-up each day. This is one of the measures schools have been asked to implement in order to manage the total number of people on site at any given time. Please can we ask that you only drop-off/pick-up your child/children in the slot you have been …
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