Tranmere Times 23.6.17 | 23 Jun 2017


Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week | 20 Jun 2017

  Hundreds of primary schools across the country have been taking part in the Yorkshire Tea National Cricket week since Monday. The week is designed to encourage young boys and girls to take up the sport in its many forms and to stay physically active inside and outside of school. Years 1 and 2 kicked …

Welcome to the Tranmere Tiki Bar! | 19 Jun 2017

Today, Woodpeckers’ Class enjoyed a day of practical maths, learning all about the different ways in which we measure things. In the morning, we learnt about millimetres, centimetres and metres using everyday objects found around the classroom. After the mercury zoomed past 25 ˚C, we decided to go outside and apply our learning with a long …

Tranmere Times 16.6.17 | 16 Jun 2017


High intensity schooling! | 15 Jun 2017

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout broadcast live to thousands of school children around the country today. Check out the pictures below…

Superheroes to the rescue! | 14 Jun 2017

Reception children have been very busily making brand new superheroes, so that we can send them off to help rescue Supertato from the Evil Pea.  It has been amazing to watch their design skills and creativity really bring the vegetables to life!  Can you spot Brilliant Butternut, Cunning Carrot or Powerful Pepper in the picture …

Tranmere Times 9.5.17 | 09 Jun 2017


Tranmere Times 26.5.17 | 26 May 2017


Reception’s WILD exit point! | 24 May 2017

Yesterday, for our exit point, we had a fantastic day at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  We saw so many incredible animals and couldn’t believe how close they were to us.  Imagine having lunch with giraffes just walking by… well that’s what happened! In our classroom session, the children learnt about (and got to hold) a …

Later return from Wildlife Park | 23 May 2017

Reception’s new ETA back from the Wildlife Park is now 4.50pm due to traffic. We have some VERY tired children but it was an AMAZING day!
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