Tranmere Times 17.5.24 | 17 May 2024

Tranmere Times 10.5.24 | 10 May 2024

Kingfishers make bruschetta. | 08 May 2024

On Friday, all of the children in Kingfishers made bruschetta. Using the bridge technique to chop the the tomatoes they mixed them together with chives, white wine vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper. Once we had toasted the bread and rub it with garlic they served the tomatoes mixture on top.

Tranmere Times 3.5.24 | 03 May 2024

Cool Clay in Skylarks – Part 2 | 02 May 2024

After leaving our clay pots to dry, it was time to paint them. We decided which secondary colour we would like them to be (green, orange or purple) and mixed primary colours to created these colours. We painted our dipping pots and can’t wait to use them! They look great!

Cool Clay in Skylarks | 30 Apr 2024

Skylarks used clay to create their own dipping bowls. They rolled and coiled the clay and used slip and smoothing tools to attach the coils together. When they are dry they will mix primary colours to create secondary colours to paint them. The pots have already received lots of admiring glances from members of staff. …

Tranmere Times 26.4.24 | 26 Apr 2024

KS1 Muddy Puddles Day 23.4.24 | 23 Apr 2024

Today, KS1 completed their Muddy Puddles day for the Summer term. Thankfully the weather stayed dry (on the whole) and we were able to spend the day outside exploring a range of engaging and exciting activities. Throughout the day, the children explored 3 activities. They included ‘Gone with the Wind’; an activity based on the …

EYFS – Amazing Animals Entry Point | 19 Apr 2024

Well, what a fantastic entry point we had, celebrating all things animal in Bluebirds and Robins.  We went on an animal hunt and found various creatures lurking around the grounds.  We then turned ourselves into animals with super face painting (Mrs Marriott, Mrs Papworth and Miss Dibb should open a new business!).  Finally, we had …

Tranmere Times 19.04.24 | 19 Apr 2024

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