Holiday Club Letter | 16 Mar 2018

2018 1 Application letter to parents

Tranmere Times 16.3.18 | 16 Mar 2018


Ingleborough return | 16 Mar 2018

All packed up and on our way, on track for normal pick up time!

Problems of the day 16-3-18 | 16 Mar 2018

Ingleborough Thursday | 15 Mar 2018

Today has been wet and wild! Despite the weather, spirits have remained high throughout and the smiles have kept coming but there were some very tired eyes at dinner. All of the groups have completed the main programme so have tried their hands at all of the small group adventurous activities. Tomorrow, we will be …

Problems of the day 15-03-18 | 15 Mar 2018

Ingleborough Wednesday | 15 Mar 2018

Another busy day up here in Ingleborough. All of the groups have been out and about – a few thrills and spills with a stuck minibus that led to a change in gorge scrambling venue kept us on our toes. The weather has been warm but windy and all groups have appreciated a dry day. …

Ingleborough Tuesday | 14 Mar 2018

Good morning from Ingleborough! We have all had a fab day yesterday and threw ourselves into lots of exciting activities (you can see what each group has been up to below). The children have been busy filling their stamped addressed envelopes (or borrowed ones if they have been lost or forgotten) so we wont give …

Problems of the day 14-3-18 | 14 Mar 2018

Bluebirds play with their food! | 13 Mar 2018

For once, Bluebirds class got to play with their food.  Thankfully, this was NOT at lunchtime, it was as part of our topic work about food and plants.  We were inspired by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, so decided to make pieces of artwork out of fruit and vegetables.  There were roars of laughter in the …
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