PTA Spending | 24 Jan 2020

Over £4000 has been spent on purchasing a new reading scheme for EYFS and Y1. A big thank you to Mr Wright and Mr McCaul who spent many hours backing them all.  Look out for them in book bags from next week. Next we would like to supplement the LKS2 and Y2 reading scheme books. …

Tranmere Times 24.1.20 | 24 Jan 2020

24.01.20 ACC Timetable A4 Spring 2020 Leeds Rhinos, St Marys Menston Camp

Tranmere Times 17.1.19 | 17 Jan 2020


Skylarks’ Entry Point – Structures | 13 Jan 2020

We  challenged the children to build their own structure out of cocktail sticks and marshmallows. The aim was to build the best – but what ‘the best’ means is open ended e.g. it might be the tallest, the biggest, the strongest.

Tranmere Times 10.1.20 | 10 Jan 2020


Kingfisher Class are Tranmere Taxonomists! | 10 Jan 2020

As an introduction to our new science topic, Classification, we were given images of different animals that could be found in a zoo. Then, we had to classify the animals into groups, based on similar and contrasting characteristics.

Kingfisher Class – Entry Point – Earth As An Island. | 10 Jan 2020

We used atlases and globes to locate a variety of islands around the world. We discovered that there are many different types of islands,such as: hot,cold, coral, tidal and volcanic. Naming all the different islands around Great Britain was a challenge!

Please Be Aware | 09 Jan 2020

Between 15:20 and 15:35hrs on Thursday 9th January 2020, a white male in a black pick-up truck or flat bed van, has invited a young female into his car when she was walking home from school. This incident occurred at the junction of Park Road and Bradford Road in Guiseley, Leeds. The male is described …

TPPS in the local press this week: | 09 Jan 2020

Wrens – Perimeter | 09 Jan 2020

In groups, we worked out the dimensions and perimeter of objects around and outside of school in order to secure our knowledge of working out the perimeter of rectangles. We talked about the different units of measurements and applied our understanding to the real-life objects that we were measuring.  
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