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Tranmere Times 24.5.19 | 24 May 2019


LKS2 Discover the Early Years of Man – Stone Age to Iron Age! | 24 May 2019

This week we were joined by the Tempus Fugit Theatre Company who came in to deliver our exit point. An archaeologist led us through a journey in time from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We sang songs, looked at replica artefacts and even got to dress up in clothes that would have been …

Packed up and on our way… | 23 May 2019

…we will be back one day ( at around 15:15)

Malham heron spotting! | 23 May 2019

A real life heron spotted near Janet’s Foss on our walk to Goredale Scar!

We all had a good night’s sleep and are well fed and ready for our second walk of the trip. All of the children are ready and raring to go. Goredale Scar, here we come!

As part of the Exit Point for our topic, Weather and Climate, the class took it in turns to present a weather report from different parts of the world.

Further updates will be via the school Facebook page, Thanks!

Year 6 have a historical afternoon! | 22 May 2019

As part of the ongoing transition process and as preparation for the trip to France, Year 6 were given a history lesson by a teacher from a local high school. This was about World War One, especially life in the trenches of Northern France and the stories of some soldiers from our region.  

Top Secret Visit from the Moon! | 20 May 2019

On Thursday last week, we had a top secret visit – so top secret we’re only now allowed to tell you – from the Moon and a meteorite! Colleagues from Bradford Grammar School had been entrusted by NASA to look after a sample of moon rock and a piece of meteorite from the Campo del …

Tranmere Times 17.5.19 | 17 May 2019

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