Tranmere Park Primary School Governors

If you would like information on how to become a governor please visit the Leeds Council school governor support page.

Chair Jacky Cooper                              Vice Chair Helen Perry

The constitution of the governing body at Tranmere Park Primary School is:


1 Local Authority (LA) governor, recommended by the LA and approved by the governing body

5 parent governors, formally elected through a ballot of parents unless the election is uncontested

2 co-opted governors, nominated and appointed by the governing body

1 staff governor, formally elected by staff employed at school

2 foundation governors, appointed by the foundation

1 associate members, appointed by the governing body (cannot vote in committee meetings)

The governing body operates with the following committees:

  • Resources committee – responsible for finance, property management, health and safety and nutritional standards. Committee chair Peter Lewis


  • Teaching and learning committee  – responsible for teaching and learning matters including target setting, standards and achievement, SEN (including reporting annually on the success of the SEN policy),  monitoring teaching and learning and curriculum provision and ensuring that the governing body is represented at school improvement discussions. Committee chair Hannah Gomersall


  • Pupil support – responsible for behaviour, safeguarding, attendance, children’s spiritual moral social and cultural development, children, parent and staff voice, extra-curricular activities, cluster and other partnerships. Committee chair Helen Perry


  • Pay Review committee – responsible for ensuring the implementation of the school Pay Policy and Teacher Appraisal Policy and staffing, including any HR matters.


  • Pay Appeal committee – responsible for hearing pay appeals and ensuring a fair and proper process has been followed.


Current and recent (in the last 12 months) governors and business/other interests declared are provided in the table below.  Governors and associate members, if appointed, are reminded that they should declare any changes as and when they occur.

All of our Governors were appointed by the Governing Body.

Please address any comments or queries to the Chair of Governors – Mrs Jacky Cooper via the school office by emailing

Each governor has a term of office of four years.


Name Position Date of Appointment/ Term Committees Served Interests Declared / Other schools governed / Relationships
Jacky Cooper Chair (Co-Opted Governor) 17/09/2019 – Present Teaching and Learning None
Helen Perry Vice Chair (Parent Governor) 17/09/2019 – Present Pupil Support None
Kirsten Finley Headteacher 01/09/2007 – Present All None
Simon Armstrong Foundation Governor 04/09/2023 – Present Pupil Support None
Hannah Gomersall Staff Governor 14/07/2020 – Present Teaching and Learning None
Sophie Bell Foundation Governor 14/07/2020 – Present Teaching and Learning None
Clare Napoli Local Authority Governor 15/09/2020 – Present Resources None
Louise Woffendin Parent Governor 02/11/2021 – Present Teaching and Learning None
Alison Hodgson Associate Governor 04/09/2017 – Present Pupil Support None
Robert Fordyce Parent Governor 28/11/18- Present Pupil Support None
David Pass Parent Governor 4/3/22 – present Resources None
Peter Lewis Co-Opted Governor 07/10/2019 – to Present Resources None
James Davis Parent Governor 07/10/2019 – to Present Resources None

Meeting Attendance:

Present at the meeting on 27th September 2023:

Simon Armstrong

Jacky Cooper

Rob Fordyce

Helen Perry

Alison Hodgson

Kirsten Finley

James Davis

Sophie Bell

Hannah Gomersall

Clare Napoli

Apologies – Peter Lewis

So what do we do?

Tranmere Park SDP Govs 23-24

The headteacher is responsible for day-to-day leadership and management of the school.  The role of the Governing Body is to provide strategic direction and act as a “critical friend,” supporting the work of the headteacher and other staff.

School has a delegated budget to cover salaries, running costs, maintenance and equipment; the Governing Body is responsible for managing this budget, for example, they can decide, with the help of the head, how many and what type of staff to employ, which equipment to upgrade or replace and what the priorities are for implementing new strategies and initiatives.

Governors must also appoint the head and are involved in the appointment of other staff. In addition, the Governing Body has a role in monitoring school’s progress, and in setting annual targets for school’s performance.

The Full Governing Body meets once a term.  The headteacher provides a report for each meeting which covers:

– School Standards and Achievements
– School Improvement Priorities
– School Curriculum
– Personnel and Staffing
– Staff Training and Development
– School premises issues
– Finance and pupil numbers

Governors are available for parents to talk to on Parent Consultation evenings.  Come and have a chat!

The detail of our business is then dealt with via three sub-committees, each of which meets approximately once a term.

There is also a Performance Management and Pay Sub Committee which reviews the Headteacher’s Performance annually and makes any pay decisions.

Behaviour Statement

The Governing Body sets out the behaviour principles statement annually.

Each Governor also takes responsibility for a specific area and undertakes class visits.

The Governing Body will also deal with key issues which affect school.  Examples of these issues in recent years have included,

– Academy Status
– Potential School Expansion
– Union action

Subcommittee Annual Reports

Pupil Support Sub-Committee Annual Report 2022-2023

Teaching and Learning Subcommittee Annual Report 2022-23


Contacting us:

Parents should contact class teachers or the headteacher in the first instance.  However, the Governing Body can be contacted via the school office during term time.


Governor Activity – Finance and Resources 2016


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