March 2014

School Games Mark Gold | 26 Jul 2022

After two years off due to COVID, the Your School Games Mark was back again this year. We’re delighted to announce that we have acheived the Gold Mark standard once again. If you would like to find out more about how we acheived this award, please click on the following link.

Tranmere Times 22.7.22 | 22 Jul 2022

Year 6 Leavers 2022 | 22 Jul 2022

We have had a fantastic afternoon saying goodbye to our Year 6s. The photos below really capture the fun of what was a top drawer send off….

Today in 3/4, we have had an Art filled morning! To begin with, we discussed and experimented with different types of brush strokes. In particular, we looked at using the splatter technique, the dry brush technique, the cross-hatch technique and how we can use our paints to create depth within our pictures. After this, we …

Below are just a few snaps of what Woodpeckers and Red Kites have been getting up to in their recent science topics: Light and Electricity.

As part of our local area study, the children have explored aerial photographs. They looked closely at key features of the Tranmere Park Estate and sorted them into those that were examples of physical or human geography. We ended the lesson by being geography detectives and finding the location of Barnaby Bear who had gone …

Music Assemblies | 20 Jul 2022

We’ve had some brilliant performances by some of our musicians recently. Our guitar and keyboard players did assemblies for us where they showcased the kind if things they’ve been learning this year. They were all brilliant.

Today, we discussing the social hierarchy in Ancient Egypt and the six different classes that made this up: Pharaohs, Officials, Priests, Scribes, Artisans and Peasants. The children were each given a statement and had to decide which class it belonged too. We then listened to some facts about each social class and gathered some more …

Tranmere Times 15.7.22 | 15 Jul 2022

Over the past few weeks in English, we have been learning all about kenning poems. We have had a lot of fun identifying their key features, understanding how they’re written and writing our own about various objects and people. For our next assessed write, we are going to be writing 2 kenning poems about 2 …