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Footprints from the Past – Dinosaur Facts & Myths | 06 Nov 2019

Today, Woodpecker Class explored some facts and myths about dinosaurs. We will reevaluate our understanding of these at the end of our topic.

Today, the children in Year 3 and 4 have been spending time in the great outdoors. They have been scavenging and sorting, leading others and using their initiative, developing independence and organisation skills and being creative. These are some of the skills that we have been working on over the half term to be a …

This afternoon, our creative LKS2 classes starred in their very own ‘Trashion’ Show. They were exhibiting their recycled and ‘rubbish’ fashion designs and stepping into the shoes of those very famous ‘trashion’ models: Naomi Campbell-Soup-Tin; Alessandra Ambrosia-Custard-Carton; Coco-Pops-Box Rocha; Gisele Buncase and Cara Delve-Into-The-Bin. Here they are in action:

Mad Science Club – Potential and Kinetic Energy! | 15 Oct 2019

Today, the children at Mad Science Club investigated a range of toys and equipment that demonstrated potential and kinetic energy. They pinged and ponged, squished and squashed and fired pom-poms into plant pots! Above all – they had fun!

Woodpeckers ‘Sew’ Much Fun! | 11 Oct 2019

Woodpecker Class had a fantastic, busy and enjoyable drop-in session for their visitors last Friday. They showed off their learning on the fabulous Fashion topic and our esteemed guests were given the challenge of working with their charge to create a logo or brand by sewing it!

On Wednesday 23rd October, the children in Y3 and Y4 will be having a Muddy Puddle afternoon. Please send them in suitable clothing – including wellies and raincoats if the current weather continues! We will be going outside in (almost) any weather – so please come prepared!

A quick reminder that the LKS2 ‘Trashion’ Show is being held in the hall on Tuesday 22nd October at 2:30pm. The children will be catwalking along the runway in the clothing items that they have created either at home or at school (or both) following the ‘Reuse, Recycle, Reduce’ message for sustainable fashion. We would …

Sew Cool! Entry Point | 24 Sep 2019

As an entry into the wonderful world of Fashion, Woodpeckers have been learning how to sew. They worked on their running stitch, creating shapes and letters.  

Woodpecker Class – Place Value | 12 Sep 2019

In Woodpecker Class today, we challenged our partners to make the biggest 3-digit numbers using number cards. Who came out top?!

Final few spaces for Keyboard Lessons – Y3-6 | 11 Sep 2019

We have a final few spaces for keyboard lessons at school and are now opening these places up to children from Y3-Y6. The initial information is on the letter – see link below. Please return the attached slip by Friday 13th September if you haven’t already done so. New Keyboard all Sept 2019 Those children …
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