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What does it mean to be British? Apparently, according to Kingfishers, drinking tea, eating fish and chips, roast dinners, Monarchy, football and discussing the weather. Pupils decided how they would like to present their ideas. Some chose art, writing poems/raps or drama.

Kingfishers make bruschetta. | 08 May 2024

On Friday, all of the children in Kingfishers made bruschetta. Using the bridge technique to chop the the tomatoes they mixed them together with chives, white wine vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper. Once we had toasted the bread and rub it with garlic they served the tomatoes mixture on top.

A fun day has been had by all at Eden Camp. We were able to consolidate our learning of World War Two by visiting different huts focusing on different elements of the war including rationing, human torpedoes, Women at war and The Blitz. The children were a credit to the school and chat on the …

Kingfishers Orienteering | 19 Mar 2024

Reading maps, remembering images in a sequence, finding points, using a dibber to see who can go around the course in the quickest time. A fun afternoon.

Kingfishers Blitz Art | 04 Mar 2024

Kingfishers have really enjoyed learning all about The Blitz. I think you will agree that their paintings and silhouettes are outstanding. Please come to Kingfishers classroom to see the display.

Kingfishers – ENTRY POINT – World War Two | 17 Jan 2024

Evacuee suitcase. Children were very excited to show their cases or pillowcases with items they thought would be useful and helpful if they had to be evacuated – a real mixture of personal and practical items. We had discussions about how useful a tin of beans would be without an opener and how a newspaper …

Kingfishers final Mayan Temples | 19 Dec 2023

Here are the finished temples. We are so impressed with the final models – we hope you agree. We also used Tinkercad to help with our planning and design of our 3D temples.

It’s been a creative day in Kingfishers. The class have made 3D Mayan Temples from balsa wood. It was a challenging task. Wood needed to be measured to certain lengths to create squares, cut accurately using a hack saw, corner supports cut and stuck in place, 3D cube structure for the top and designing an …

Today we visited the Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara in Bradford. The children were greeted so warmly by all staff and community. They were taught about the life of a Sikh and the traditions, values and cultural practices. We were all treated to a snack of freshly cooked roti and lentil dhal in the Langar Hall. …

Thank you for coming to our assembly this morning. We hope you enjoyed it. The Mayan rain god Chac, obviously approved of our assembly! Here is our Rain Player display and a couple of photos from the assembly.
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