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Routines in Kingfishers Adults in Kingfishers
PE Indoor — Monday (please arrive in PE kit) Mrs Savage
PE Outdoor — Friday (please arrive in PE kit) Mr Joynson
Spellings — Friday Mrs Shanbhag
Times tables — Monday Ms Saunders
Planners checked for reading and signature – Monday

UKS2 Governor: Clare Wright


In years 5 and 6, the children will be encouraged to work with growing independence. To support this, your child will be taking responsibility for their own organisation. Each child has been given a planner (Y6 planners are provided by Guiseley school to support children to be secondary ready when they leave us). Planners will be checked on a Monday morning and should have been seen and signed by an adult for the previous week. If there are any other messages that need to be read by the teacher on a day other than Monday, please ensure that your child brings these to your attention.

Reading Books

Each week your child will be expected to read twice a week with an adult at home, who will need to sign and date the reading record in their planner every time they hear them read. Your child can choose a book from home or an appropriate free choice book from school. Even though many children in years 5 and 6 are quite fluent readers, it is important that an adult hears them read and asks questions about what they have read in order to aid their comprehension and to improve their writing skills.

Books can be changed on any day in the classroom and returned books will be quarantined by staff before being put back on the shelf.


Your child will receive their homework every Monday on Google Classroom and should upload it by the following Monday. This will consist of weekly tasks in both Maths and English. We politely request that parents mark the work with their child so that any misconceptions can be addressed—answers for the regular sheets are provided. We only expect children to spend 20 minutes on each piece of homework, if they are struggling please just write a note to the teacher explaining this – don’t struggle on! A topic homework grid and will also be available on Google Classroom and the school website by the end of the first week of a new topic. It is expected that your child will complete at least two of the activities from the grid and upload them. There are a range of fun and exciting options to choose from so please feel free to be creative!

The homework will alternate between the maths skills test and the Grammar Hammer. We test the children on the previous week’s homework at the start of the new week. The aim of setting the blank sheet first and testing it second is to encourage the children to learn the method for each question—not just memorise the answers.

Spellings will be tested each week on Fridays and the new list will be posted on Google Classroom following the weekly test. A spelling book will not be sent home this year (based on current guidance).

This Half-Term’s Topic Homework and Knowledge Organiser – Click the title for more.

UKS2 Knowledge Organisers and Homework Grid

Please find attached the Knowledge Organisers for English, Maths, Topic and Science. Also, please find the Homework Grid for our topic this term, Mayans. Please complete a minimum of two pieces. UKS2 Homework Grid – The Mayans – Autumn Knowledge organiser – Mayans.docx English – Autumn – War Horse.docx UKS2 Science – Art of Being …

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Latest class news – Click the title for more.

Black History Month in Kingfishers.

To celebrate Black History Month and to support our continued learning about tolerance, kindness and understanding of others, we watched the Bigfoot Education film on All Aboard The Windrush. The children were completely involved with the presentation, asking insightful questions. Ask your child what they remembered about today’s film.

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Kingfishers play Pok-O-Tok

The Ancient Mayan game of Pok-O-Tok. A cross between football and basketball. The object of the game was for two opposing sides to try and hit the hard rubber ball into a stone hoop. You can only pass and shoot the ball using your thighs and hips. We attempted to play and realised it was …

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Kingfishers Rain Player art.

Using The RainPlayer as inspiration, we used layering artistic techniques to create our own versions of the story. Here are our efforts -what do you think?

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Mayans Entry Point Kingfishers

What do you know about The Mayans? As a class, we realised we didn’t know much at all. We studied images taken from The Rain Player to find clues about this civilisation. We are really excited to find out more about this period in history from our discoveries.

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