Happy Holidays

The children have had a fantastic half-term and have adjusted to the new rules and their new environment. They have played and shared many stories with us and have settled well. Thank you for all of your lovely comments and patience (in terms of pick-ups and drop-offs). We appreciate everybody working together on this.

Over this half term, we have been celebrating how unique we all are through our topic ‘Ourselves’, whilst assessing the children and introducing Phonics. We have taught Phonics through very practical activities which has allowed us to introduce the first few sounds. Tonight in your child’s book bag, you will find a phonics folder with the sounds that we have covered so far (s, a, t, p, m, i, n, d). These are for you to keep at home. The sounds that we teach in school will come home on a regular basis. These are for you to have a look at with your child so they are able to start to recognise them instantly and create words. Playing simple games such as ‘I spy’ or spotting the letters in stories/reading books as well as in the environment when you are out and about, are both great ways in which you could incorporate looking at these sounds at home.

We have put together a phonics/reading presentation for you to support you further with the above. This was emailed out to you all on Tuesday. It covers the teaching and learning of phonics and contains ideas to support you at home. Please feel free to have a look and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Your child will also bring home their learning journey tonight to share with you. This is an overview of how your child is progressing and to show the learning they have taken part in this term. Please read and discuss this with your child together and complete the parent comments slip. We have also attached a comments slip which allows you to contribute any special or star moments which shows any learning that your child may have achieved at home over this half term. Please return both the book and the slips back to school on the first Monday back.