Herons – Skittle Science Experiment

Over the past 2 weeks, we have been focusing our learning around a book called ‘The World Made A Rainbow’. This lovely story focuses on positivity and hope and has helped us to understand¬†that it’s ok to feel sad, or afraid sometimes.

As part of our work on rainbows, we took part in an exciting science activity, where we investigated what happens to Skittles when warm water is added. Firstly, we placed the Skittles around the edge of a petri dish. We then poured some warm, still water into the middle of the circle until it reached the sweets. Finally, we watched what happened and discussed why we think this happened. We learnt that the shells of Skittles are made from sugar and, when the sugar is put in warm water, it dissolves. As the colours meet, they mix, creating different colours.

We loved seeing the different coloured patterns!