Reception – Exit Point – Changes

Posted on by beestinh

This week we reached the end of our topic Changes. To begin the day, we had a big group discussion about all of the things we had learned. We shared our new knowledge on the life cycles of plants, humans and animals. We also chatted about other things that change, such as time, colours, feelings and places.

Next, we took part in some change’s experiments. We started with the ice experiment. Here we discussed what ice is and how it can change. We also discussed different ways in which we could speed up or slow down this change. We decided to put some ice into cold water, hot water, the sun and the shade to see what happened.

After this, we took part in a colour mixing experiment. Here we discussed our primary colours and how we can mix them together to make different colours. We made green, purple, brown and orange. Then we discussed how adding white changes colours too, which led to us making some pink and light blue.

Finally, we took part in a food experiment. We started with a piece of bread, discussing how it felt, smelt and what it looked like. Then, we discussed how we can change bread – we had some wonderful and crazy ideas here. Today, we changed our bread into toast. It was super yummy!