Welcome to Kingfishers – Entry Point!

Welcome to Kingfishers. It has been wonderful  to see so many happy faces joining us. Everyone has settled in so well. We have been so impressed with their enthusiasm for learning and the kind and friendly attitudes they have shown to us all. We can see that the children have really missed Tranmere and loved seeing their friends and hopefully their teachers again. For our first 2 weeks we have been focusing on the children’s wellbeing through two books, The Black dog and The Heart and the Bottle. This has allowed us to have lots of meaningful discussions and really get to know the class. Alongside this, our topic is Express Yourself. The children have enjoyed discussing and acting out different emotions. It has been a pleasure getting to know the class and we are so excited for the year ahead as the children have made such a positive impact so far.

Below are some photos to show the topic entry point – Express Yourself – using ephemeral art to show different emotions. Can you tell the emotion your child was creating?