Puffins – Children’s Mental Health Week

This week, we have taken part in Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme this year was Growing Together. We had a big discussion about how we have grown throughout our lives and how we can continue to grow. We talked about how to cope with things that life throws at us and that although trying new things can be scary at first, they can help us move out of our comfort zone. We also discussed how people in our life can support us through changes and personal growth.

We started off by creating our own stars. Within the stars, we included different things that we want to improve in this year. As well as this, we created Support Balloons. Around our support balloons, we added the names of people that support us within our lives, both in school and out.

Of course, we also can’t forget the finale of the week, Dress to Express Day! All of the children made a fantastic effort to really show off who they are and certainly expressed themselves!

Have a look for yourself and some of the beautiful artwork that we created!