Red Kites Topic – Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Top Trumps!

Posted on by Miss Ingram

This week in Red Kites, we have been learning all about Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. To begin with, we discovered that the Ancient Egyptians celebrated lots of different gods, who they believed all played different roles. The Ancient Egyptians thought that in order to make it to the afterlife, these different gods would judge them against different criteria and only the successful would pass through.

After taking some time to research more into the different gods and goddesses, we decided to make some top trump cards about them! We gathered names, roles and interesting facts, then, based off our own opinion of each god and goddess from our research, we rated them in a range of different categories (leadership, strength, popularity, power etc). Finally, we got to work on creating our cards for each character and of course, had lots of fun putting our cards to the test in some games.