Actions from Parent Forum

Thanks to all the Parent Forum representatives who attended the first meeting of the school year before the half term – it’s always very helpful from our perspective and we appreciate you giving up your  time.

Parent Forum minutes will be coming out soon but I just wanted to feed back on two specific issues which affect all classes:

Parents expressed concern regarding the large number of parents and children waiting at the side gate for Mr Bradley to open it. Because of the volume of people, some families were standing out in the road which is obviously concerning. I have asked Mr Bradley to open the gates 10 minutes earlier so that families can come into the school grounds to wait safely. Classroom doors will open at the usual time between 8.45-8.55. If parents can aim for children to be in school ready to start the school day at 8.50 that would be excellent!

Parents asked if Google Classroom was now the best method to contact teachers regarding any issues as throughout the pandemic and periods of lockdown and remote learning, Google Classroom has been our main method for giving parents easy access to our teachers. Now that we are moving back into (hopefully…) more normal times, and to keep parent communications manageable for staff, we have decided Google Classroom will ONLY be used for remote learning if a child is isolating and for homework.

If parents wish to communicate with class teachers, please could you use one of the following methods: a message in either the home-school reading book or planner, an email to which will be forwarded to the class teacher, a phone call to school which the teacher will return or a quick chat at either drop off or pick up time. This limits the possible places teachers need to check for parent messages on a daily basis and would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

I hope you all had a wonderful half term – Christmas is just around the corner now!