Additional learning opportunities this term :)

We were really delighted that in our end of summer term assessments, many of our children were able to be assessed at a level that put them back on track for where they were forecast to be pre-Pandemic.

Obviously, the last 18 months have been very disruptive for everyone, not least the children and we were very aware that our usual in-school interventions to help children meet the expected standards for their year group in maths and English would need to be supplemented with additional opportunities out of school hours to give an extra boost to those children who needed it. After school classes in the last school year with our specialist teacher Mrs Byrne, and before school sessions with support staff really helped children to ‘catch-up’ with their learning.

These before school classes have begun again in school – with Miss Elliott, Miss Bell and Mr Joynson. They start at 8am – and I’m told that some of the classes are even starting their day with croissants! If we feel that your child could do with this extra boost, we’ll be in touch. Of course, all of our usual interventions continue to take place during the school day and this year, we’ve also added in additional fun phonics sessions and reading practice to ensure that all our children secure those crucial core skills.

If you feel that your child needs a little extra, please have a chat with Mrs Finley/Mrs Hodgson either on the playground in the morning or make a call to us in school. Parent/Teacher consultations will take place this week and teachers will let you know about any additional ‘catch-up’ learning they feel your child needs.