Wellbeing and The Worry Wizard

All classes have had a visit this week from The Worry Wizard to continue our well-being focus from last school year. We’ve all had a tricky last 18 months with the Covid-19 pandemic and our children have had to cope with lots of disruption and changes to their routine as a result of Covid restrictions. It’s natural they may have worries and concerns after such an unusual time.

The Worry Wizard talked to the children about what well-being was – that if you unstuck those two words and swapped them around, well-being was just about ‘being well’ and feeling comfortable enough to be able to get on with your every day life but that sometimes our worries can affect our well-being. If worries secretly grow bigger, they can make it so that we don’t feel comfortable enough to get on with our everyday life so we need to talk to people about our worries to keep being well.

We’ll be reinforcing this visit by letting children know who they can talk to in school about any worries – their class teacher or teaching assistant, Mr Beech or Mr Learmonth as our pastoral leads or Mrs Hodgson or myself – there are lots of people in school who can help them. You may wish to talk more to your child about this at home too – how if we talk openly about our worries, it stops them growing bigger.

We’re also looking after our well-being in another way this week through our flu vaccination clinic too!