KS1 Muddy Puddles Day

Posted on by bells

Today all of KS1 took part in their first Muddy Puddles day of the year. We spent the day outside taking part in lots of different activities.

With Miss Elliott we linked our learning to maths and drew around ourselves and then measured how many leaves long we were.

With Miss Bell, Mrs Chavda and Mrs Holland we thought about what human physical features we had in and around our school grounds and went to try spot some of them.

Mrs Dolan took the children and had some quiet time on the banks to listen to the sounds around us. We then discussed if they were natural or manmade.

The children worked on their memory skills with Mrs Hill and Miss Parish, by collecting lots of natural materials and then trying to remember which ones had been taking away from the group.

With Mrs Wright the children went on a nature alphabet hunt and tried to find things in our school grounds that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Children were great at linking this to their science knowledge and came up with words such as ‘deciduous’ and ‘sycamore’.