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Routines in Falcons Adults in Falcons
PE Outdoor — Friday Mr Housden
PE Indoor — Thursday Mrs Brady
Spellings — Monday Miss Coe
Times tables — Monday  Mrs Titchmarsh


LKS2 Governor: Hannah Lockwood

Bookbags and Reading Diary

As your child enters year three or four, the children will be encouraged to work with growing independence. To support this, your child will be taking responsibility for their own book bag. In due course, your child will be expected to remove books and any
letters, slips, and monies from their book bags. They should also make the teacher aware if a message has been written in their reading diary. It would be much appreciated if you could support your child with this, reminding them in the morning to remove key items such as reading books or reading diaries.

The children should bring their book bag into school every day. You may also use the child’s diary to record any messages for us to read. We may also use them to record messages for you, so please check these regularly.

Reading Books

Each week your child will be expected to read twice a week with an adult at home, who will need to sign and date the reading diary every time they hear them read. Your child can choose a book from home or an appropriate free choice book from school. A reading
scheme book will also be sent home once weekly. It is important that an adult hears them read and asks questions about what they have read in order to aid their comprehension and to improve their writing skills.

Please comment or ask questions on new vocabulary, punctuation, sentence openers etc. Reading diaries will be checked by staff on a Monday morning and we expect that each child will have read to an adult twice.

Please return books each Monday. We will be quarantining and/or cleaning any books returned to school (in line with guidance) before they are distributed to another child.


Your child will receive their homework every Monday on Google Classroom and should upload it by the following Monday. This will consist of weekly tasks in both Maths and English. We politely request that parents mark the work with their child so that any misconceptions can be addressed—answers for the regular sheets are provided. We only expect children to spend 20 minutes on each piece of homework, if they are struggling please just write a note to the teacher explaining this – don’t struggle on! A topic homework grid and will also be available on Google Classroom by the end of the first week of a new topic. It is expected that your child will complete at least two of the activities from the grid and upload them. There are a range of fun and exciting options to choose from so please feel free to be creative!

The homework will alternate between the maths skills test and the Grammar Hammer. We test the children on the previous week’s homework at the start of the new week. The aim of setting the blank sheet first and testing it second is to encourage the children to learn the method for each question—not just memorise the answers.

Spellings will be tested each week and the new list will be posted on Google Classroom following the weekly test. A spelling book will not be sent home this year (based on current guidance).

This Half-Term’s Topic Homework and Knowledge Organiser – Click the title for more.

UKS2 Homework Grid and Knowledge Organisers

English Knowledge Organiser Classic Fiction Knowledge Organiser – Express Yourself (1) Maths Knowledge Organiser for Year 5 & 6 (Autumn 1) 56 homework grid express yourself 2020-21 UKS2 Science Knowledge Organiser – Electricity

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Latest class news – Click the title for more.


To conclude their current topic on rainforests, Red Kites and Falcons spent the day making tropical fruit salads, crafting rainforest animals from natural materials and singing some outdoor songs. In summary:  Watermelon: good  Limes: bad  Pomegranate: pomewhat? Snaps below…

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Please could all pupils in Years 3 and 4 come dressed appropriately for their first Muddy Puddle day on FRIDAY 23rd OCTOBER.   Thanks,   3/4 Team

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Falcons Take Over the Budget

In a somewhat radical move, Falcons have elected to take the reins from Rishi Sunak, demonstrating their keen, and some might say, much more concrete understanding of ones, tens, hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands. Keep up the good work.

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Falcons Google Classroom Code

If you are a member of Falcons class and have not already logged onto Google Classroom, please do so by using your username and password from last year. Once you are logged on, there should be a plus sign which allows you to add into a new class. The code that you will need to …

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Outdoor PE Change of Day

Outdoor PE has changed from Friday to Tuesday. Please come dressed in outdoor kit on a Tuesday and indoor kit on Thursday. Thanks,   Mr H

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Welcome to the Jungle…

…it gets worse here every day. You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play. Apt description of modern primary teaching or late 80s popular culture reference? Thankfully, mostly the latter for Falcons’ class who spent the afternoon creating tribal masks as part of the entry point to their new topic …

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Welcome back!

A big welcome back to all of our classes! Our teachers are all working hard updating their class pages for the new academic year and we are going to be including a lot of this information on here that would have previously been given out via our phase leaflets. Please bear with us whilst we …

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