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Routines in Falcons Adults in Falcons
Swimming – Friday Mr Housden
PE Outdoor — Wednesday Miss Smith
Spellings — Monday Miss Allison
Miss Chana (Student Teacher)


LKS2 governor: TBC

Bookbags and Reading Diary

As your child enters year three or four, they will be encouraged to work with growing independence. To support this, your child will take responsibility for their own book bag.

They will be expected to bring their book bag into school every day, removing any books, homework, letters, slips, notes and monies accordingly. You may use your child’s orange reading diary (that they should keep in their book bag) as a form of communication, using it to record messages for us to read. We may also use these as a form of communication back to you as parents/carers. In order for this system to run smoothly, we ask you to encourage and remind your child to make us aware as soon as possible if there is a message in their diaries that we need to read.


Reading Books

Every Monday, your child will bring home a reading scheme book. They are to read this book with an adult at least twice at home and should return it to school the following Monday. They will then be given another scheme book and the process will repeat. Before your child brings home their book, they will have been asked at school to write this into their orange reading diary. To clarify that they have read at home, we would appreciate it if you could sign your child’s reading diary each time you read with them. If on a Monday, we find your child’s reading diary has not been signed, we will send them to reading club which takes place at break time. Reading is an integral part of our school, as we strongly believe that all children should be given the opportunity to regularly read a wide range of texts within varying environments. Therefore, by allowing your child to access reading club if they have not read, it enables us to ensure these opportunities to read are being provided.

Free Choice books: In LKS2, your child will be encouraged to take home a free choice book (a book they have selected from our library). When they take a free choice book home, they will also record this in their orange reading diary. This book can be read at their leisure at home (either on their own or with an adult) and must be returned to school whenever they finish it. We understand some of these books are lengthy, and therefore will require a bit more time to read, so do not expect these to be returned weekly. Once they bring this back, it will be ticked off by a member of staff and they will then be free to select another free choice book.

Homework and Spellings

Every Monday, your child will be given two homework sheets. These will consist of English and Maths tasks. They will also be given a list of 10 spellings.  We expect these to be returned by the following Monday for us to check over your child’s homework sheets and test them on their spellings. We kindly ask that you mark the homework with your child, so any misconceptions can be addressed at home and also, quickly spotted and supported when the homework is brought back in to school. Some of the Maths Skills and Grammar Hammer questions, answers and concepts can be more specific and therefore, every week, we share the answers to these sheets to help you mark them as a family. You can find these on our class page of the school’s website (below).

We only expect children to spend 20 minutes on each piece of homework, if they are struggling please just write a note to the teacher explaining this – don’t struggle on! Any Grammar Hammer and Maths Skills sheets that your child brings home for the first half-term will be from the previous year. We do this in order to consolidate the children’s learning. After this, we will move on to their respective year group’s sheets.

A topic homework grid will also be available on your child’s class page (below) by the end of the first week of a new topic. It is expected that your child will complete at least three of the activities from the grid. The dates for the deadline of submitting this homework will appear on the top of their Topic Homework Grid. There are a range of fun and exciting options to choose from so please feel free to be creative!

This Week’s Homework- Click the title for more.

Homework coming soon…

Nothing to see here yet.

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This Half-Term’s Topic Homework and Knowledge Organiser – Click the title for more.

LKS2 Homework Grid and Knowledge Organisers Autumn 2022

Please find attached the Homework Grid for our topic this term, Rainforests and Chocolate. This topic will run across the full term from September till December. The Knowledge Organisers for Topic, English, Maths and Science are also attached. LKS2 – Topic Homework Grid – Rainforests and Chocolate – Autumn 2022 LKS2 – Topic Knowledge Organiser – …

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Latest class news – Click the title for more.

Taskmaster Time in Falcons

This week’s task: make the red ball move for as long as possible. You may only touch it once.

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Live Science

Falcons took part in a live science lesson today.  We learnt all about carrots and how important a functioning ecosystem is for things to grow (including the “ewww, creepy” nematodes).

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Falcons’ Maths

This morning, we consolidated our knowledge of thousands by creating our own games. Check out the pictures below.

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Taskmaster Fridays

On Friday afternoons, Falcons take part in a quick Taskmaster task to develop their creativity, problem-solving ability and teamwork skills. The Task: Create the tallest, lightest tower. Any further attempts over the weekend are always welcomed!

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LKS2 Topic Entry Point/Art- Rainforest Masks.

Our first topic of the term in LKS2, is Rainforests and Chocolate. This week, we have kick started our learning, with an entry point all about rainforest masks. To begin with, we completed some research on Nixiwaka Yawanawa and his significance in rainforest art. Then, we completed some research on why tribes wear body and …

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Falcons’ Topic Vocabulary

Today, we spent the morning familiarising ourselves with all the important words we’ll need for our Chocolate and Rainforest topics.

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Falcons get up to ‘allsorts’ in Science

Falcons spent the afternoon creating dichotomous keys, using liquorice allsorts, for their new topic: Living Things and their Habitats. Have a look at the pictures below.

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Queen Elizabeth II

Following the sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Tranmere Park pupils have paid their respects by celebrating and reflecting on her achievements and importance to the UK. Take a look at our pictures below.

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Year 4 Swimming Lessons

To confirm, swimming lessons will commence next Friday (16th). Please bring swimming kit and a towel in P.E. bags (goggles optional). Any further questions, please see Mr Housden.

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Drum Workshop in Year 4

Year 4 were lucky enough to take part in a drum workshop today delivered by the amazing Dom from Artforms Leeds. School was full of the sound of djembe beats! They sounded great. Checkout the short video of Falcons in action on the Music page of our website.

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