Please Be Aware

Between 15:20 and 15:35hrs on Thursday 9th January 2020, a white male in a black pick-up truck or flat bed van, has invited a young female into his car when she was walking home from school. This incident occurred at the junction of Park Road and Bradford Road in Guiseley, Leeds.

The male is described as being white, in his mid-40’s with dark hair. He was of a very thin build and spoke with a deep local Yorkshire accent. He had an unshaven face and was wearing a grey t-shirt which had a black stripe across the chest.

The vehicle is described as a black pick-up or flat bed van, which was shiny and looked modern. It had tinted black windows and was travelling in the direction towards Bradford Road. It was held in the traffic queue, waiting for the traffic lights to change.

The driver spoke to the child by lowering the passenger-side window and invited her into the car, saying “Hello darling, do you want some sweet? I’ve got plenty in the back, get in”. He did not get out of the vehicle and the child refused and ran to safety. She is safe and well, but shaken.

Please ensure your children are aware about strangers. Please ensure they know to keep their distance and never go anywhere with someone they don’t know. Advice should be given to not believe anything that strangers say and to not accept gifts treats, or lollies from a stranger. Children should never tell a stranger their name or address.