The Tranmere Park TTR Champions League comes to a close – or does it….

Well, where to begin?! What a final week we have had and what a tournament overall. The effort made over the last seven weeks has been staggering and, last week’s finale carried all the drama that we have come to expect.

The final scores:

The only place to start:

Herons vs Kingfishers
68,656 vs 30,459
Star Players: Frank Buckle (16,915), Daniel Vine (15,568), Angus Carey (15,142), Harrison Ross (10,130), Hollie Wilson (8,189) and Thomas Arnold (7,701).

The Herons retain top spot!! What a phenomenal effort from one of the youngest classes in our school. We are so impressed.

Puffins vs Skylarks
20,067 vs 15,474 (30,948 after the double.)
Star Players: Luca Green (12,714) and Dominic Green (7,084)

A grudge match between two brothers. Green the younger has come out victorious ensuring that the Skylarks topple previous title contenders, the Puffins.

Doves vs Woodpeckers
73,118 vs 69,072
Star Players: Amelie Ross (31,331), Oscar Whitaker (28,893), Jack Gordon (22,142), Dylan Fernyhough (9,323), Oliver Casey (9,317) and Max Fernyhough (8,123).

WHAT A BATTLE! Woodpeckers, this doubles your highest score thus far. You put in a monumental effort to try and defeat the Doves but, the times table machine that is Amelie Ross rolls on! 31,000 points by herself! This super human effort ensures that the Doves will join the Herons at the top of our league.

Falcons vs Red Kites
37,704 vs 9,191
Star Players: Oscar DeBiase (9,146), Luke Shepherd (7,099), William Berry (6,929) and James Ross (5,316)

The Falcons have won the Yr3/4 local derby. And, they continue to climb to a very respectable position in the league. What a great effort from all involved.

Therefore, to answer the question that I am sure is on the tip of your tongue, the trophy will not be sawn in two! We also, won’t be judging the winner based upon total points scored. Both classes have scored incredibly highly and, therefore, the only way to decide this is with a battle to end all battles. This will be a one off event to decide which class will be victorious. This will run from Tuesday 9th March at 9:00 until Monday 15th March at 14:30.

Who will claim the trophy? Will it be our Year 2s or our Year 6s? I can’t wait to find out.

Mr Learmonth

TTR Champions League table – THE FINAL STANDINGS